Strauss Water (of the Strauss Group) is a world leading expert in water, offering top quality, great tasting, purified drinking-water POU solution.

We develop, produce and market environmentally-friendly, heating, cooling and fresh carbonation WaterBars for in-home and business use. Our Award Winning WaterBars offers superior design and user experience. We have multiple patents in water treatment and purification, heating and cooling and hold numerous quality assurance standards including the American Water Quality Association (WQA). Yet, Strauss Water is not an appliance company - the core of our business model consists of direct engagement with consumers, leveraging of actionable consumer insights and establishment of long-term relationships. with our customers. We enjoy successful collaborations worldwide, including with Haier Group in China and The Virgin Group in the UK.

Strauss Water is a global multidisciplinary company that leads worldwide in water purification technologies; Strauss Water develops, produces and markets in-home and business use, environmentally-friendly, purifying, heating and cooling water solutions. Strauss Water is in collaboration with leading companies such as Haier in China and the Virgin group in the UK and is active in Europe, North America, Central America, Asia and in the middle east.


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